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Philip Dangerfield

Executive Producer
Philip Dangerfield is the Festivals Executive Producer and an entrepreneur with over 30 years in designing and delivering of communities’ festivals and national events. Philip’s understanding of the event industry brings a creative view of festivals requirements and strong fiscal control.

Randy Fitzpatrick

Executive Producer Whiskey Ottawa
Social Media Director, Craft Beer Festival
Randy Fitzpatrick is a restaurateur with over 30 years experience throughout North America. Randy has also worked as an event planner & charity fundraiser for the past 15 years. He is an Accredited Sommelier and instructor and in his spare time Randy is a bourbon aficionado and collector with over 80 different labels in his personal collection.

Heather Kenzora

Community Event Coordinator
Heather Kenzora's abilities as the Community Event Coordinator brings the projects communications to our communities. As a member of our team, she has been responsible for creating sound communications and all special requirements for the festivals visitors. With a strong back ground in tourism, travel and years of producing national events with Alliance Events Heather is our go-to person.

Jacqui Bresee

Program Director
Well, Jacqui does it all. 

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