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Our 2022 Master Blender, National Brand Education Specialist, Authors and National Brand Ambassador

Our guest presenter: Master Blender, Dr. Don Livermore

Dr. Don Livermore is the Master Blender of Hiram Walker & Sons Limited in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. He is responsible for some of Canada’s award-winning whiskies, such as JP Wiser’s, Lot 40, Pike Creek, and Gooderham & Worts. After graduating in 1996 from the University of Waterloo with a degree in microbiology, Don started his career in the distillery as a lab technician. At that time, Don was a pioneer in developing techniques using NIR for fermentation analysis. This transformed how the distilling industry monitored fermentations and distillery processes. He wrote a chapter in the Alcohol Textbook 4th Edition and in the World Wide Distilled Spirits Conference in 2012 on the topic of NIR and has spoken around the world in this area of expertise. Don furthered his education by completing a MSc and PhD in Brewing in Distilling at Heriot Watt University with a focus on how wood interacts with whisky. In 2012, he became the Master Blender of Hiram Walker Distillery and in 2019, he won the Canadian Whisky Master Blender of the Year at the Canadian Whisky Awards. Today, Don is a sought-after speaker on Canadian Whisky as he brings together all facets of distillery operations and maturation processes and how flavours are developed in whisky. He created the Canadian Whisky Flavour Wheel© which is a unique perspective on blending whisky.

Guest presenter: Colin MacDougall National Brand Education Specialist at Corby Spirit and Wine Limited

While he’s a dyed-in-the-wool “Bluenoser” who originally hails from Nova Scotia, Colin MacDougall travelled the corners of the earth before settling back into Canada on its Pacific Coast. Here he continued his passion for the spirit and wine industry, becoming a specialist for an already well-respected and dedicated team at Corby’s/Pernod-Ricard.

Colin knows that everything in life tells a story, and he has been telling the story of the beverage industry since the early 2000s. He is an expert on the multitude of diverse stories and nuances world spirits have to offer, is a seasoned beverage program consultant, an award-winning cocktail menu architect, and was a familiar face behind the bar as a manager at a number of prestigious restaurants, including Melbas on the Park, West, Pourhouse, and Blue Water Café.

For Colin, spirit education is more than simply an occupation – it’s a golden opportunity to educate loyal fans and new acolytes alike, championing the very best that the worlds distilleries and have to offer.

Guest presenter: Bryan Simpson National Brand Ambassador for Ardbeg & Glenmorangie

Bryan Simpson has been a part of the Scotch Whisky community for over a decade, both in his native Scotland and his new home of Canada. Born in Glasgow but now living in Toronto, he has ignited thousands of Canadians' passion for Single Malt before being appointed Canadian Brand Ambassador for Ardbeg and Glenmorangie

Back in Scotland, Bryan combined his love for the Highlands with his whisky-tasting zeal and formed a whisky club that experienced Scotch in the heart of Scotland's wilds. His well-honed palate was developed pairing whisky drinkers with their perfect dram, where he gained a reputation of hosting engaging presentations to both those new to Scotch and experienced malt enthusiasts.

Bryan's obsession with Ardbeg and Glenmorangie is not just what's in the glass but the history of both brands and how it ties to Scotch Whisky as a whole. His interest in the scientific aspects of Scotch making is clear but just as important to him is the social world that exists around his favourite drink and how it brings people together.


Guest presenter: Chris Thompson, Brand Ambassador - Forty Creek Whisky

Falling in love with whisky at first sip, Chris Thompson aspires to share the Forty Creek story with whisky fans everywhere. With an extensive background in relationship building and creating brand experiences, his current role allows him to develop partnerships with key influencers and consumers, all the while sharing his love for the Grimsby, Ontario-based brand known for its range of complex, yet approachable whiskies.

Thompson has been an active member of the Forty Creek team, and played a key role in creating the distillery's on-site experience. Starting as a retail manager, he gained a rich understanding of the brand's offerings and was eager to share his passion for the Forty Creek portfolio with colleagues and customers.

Prior to joining Forty Creek, Thompson began his career in the entertainment industry, working on the road with Canadian and international artists, producing award shows, music festivals and corporate events. Living in Niagara, the heart of Ontario's wine country, he landed in the tourism and wine industry, helping build award-winning attractions and wineries from the ground up. When he's not working, an ideal day for Thompson entails putting on a record (yes, vinyl one!), spending time with family and enjoying a glass of Forty Creek.


Guest presenters and Author, Davin de Kergommeaux


Freelance whisky writer, public speaker and spirits judge, Davin de Kergommeaux is the author of three whisky books and is recognized as the world expert on Canadian whisky. Whisky travels have taken him to four continents to pour and speak about Canadian whisky and visit local producers and distilleries. In 2016 the Globe and Mail named him one of the 50 most influential Canadians in food and drink, then in 2018 the New York Times said his significance in the revival of Canadian whisky could not be overstated.  He lives in Ottawa with his wife and Lhasa apso pup.       

          Guest presenters and Author, Blair Phillips


Toronto lifestyle and spirits writer, Blair Phillips specializes in Canada’s growing landscape of whisky and distilleries. He is the Canadian Contributing Editor for Whisky Magazine and writes for the popular Distiller app. He wrote features on Canadian wine, beer and spirits for drinkingmadeeasy.com during the TV Series’ three season run. Blair judges several spirits competitions including the World Whisky Awards and Canadian Whisky Awards and lives in Toronto with his wife and two children.

Guest presenters Robin Morgan, International Whisky Brand Ambassador

Robin has more than a decade of experience in the spirits industry and has represented brands including Hart Brothers, Dun Bheagan, and Hunter Laing. Most recently, he worked as a Fine Spirits Specialist at the prestigious Waddington’s Auctioneer and Appraisal House. He has attained a plethora of industry accreditations including a WSET Level 2 Spirit Instructor Certification and WEST Level 3 Sake Instructor Certification. He is a dual US/Canadian citizen and served as combat paramedic stationed with the US Marine Corp. Mr. Morgan is veteran sales representative and a true whisky enthusiast who brings with him unparalleled product knowledge.

Based in Canada, Robin is responsible for Macaloney’s Whisky portfolio in North America (except BC). If you’re interested in stocking Macaloney’s whiskies in your liquor store or are looking for a guided whisky tasting for your club, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Please contact him at: robin@macaloneydistillers.com



Your Whisky Ottawa Experience 2022:

We want your Whisky Ottawa Festival experience to be a memorable one.

First, on the calendar, Friday, Sept 30th, is our Masterclass Series, being held at an Ottawa downtown venue TBD. 

Then on Saturday, Oct. 1st Whisky Ottawa presents the VIP Exclusive Experience followed by the  Grand Tasting Hall, Whisky Ottawa's main event. your ticket to the Grand Tasting Hall gets you a commemorative Glencairn nosing glass as well as all whisky samples, cocktails, and some light snacks.

NOTE: The Masterclass Series, VIP Exclusive Experience, and the Grand Tasting Hall (main event) these three whisky events are all different tickets, and in two locations, Friday off-site venue (TBD) and Saturday at the Canadian War Museum



Whisky Ottawa has expanded our Masterclass programming again with more Masterclasses that are open to the general public and Whisky Ottawa ticket holders at a downtown venue (TBD), on the evening of Friday, Sept. 30th. The Masterclass information is updated,  Click here to buy your tickets now


2022 VIP Exclusive Experience SOLD OUT

When you purchase a VIP Exclusive Experience your ticket has a private VIP Tutored Whisky Tasting and entry to the Grand Tasting Hall, on Saturday, Oct 1st. You do not have to register for your private VIP Tutored Whisky Tasting in the Théâtre Barney-Danson. Following your private tasting, your VIP ticket gets you on the sampling floor at 6:00 PM. one hour before the GA ticket holders.


2022, the 7th edition of Whisky Ottawa on Oct 1st, will again bring together more whiskies under one roof than ever before in Ottawa! Your ticket is all-inclusive of your whisky samples and cocktails, as well as light snacks created by the Chefs of the Canadian War Museum. This fantastic 7th edition event has a “smart casual” dress code and will be located in the LeBreton Gallery at the Canadian War Museum in downtown Ottawa.

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This event SOLD OUT in 2019! Get your tickets early to avoid disappointment! 


This is a “smart casual” dress code event.

Please have dinner before the event. we only serve light snacks 

 Would you like a private event or can't make it?  Ask us about hosting a private version of this event for business or pleasure.  Send me an email Philip@kcevents.ca

Thank you for your support of Whisky Ottawa's an annual fundraiser for Knowledgeable Consumption

Ottawa's Premiere Whisky & Spirits Festival - A Not-for-Profit Organization

When and Where

Masterclass Series
Friday September 30th.
Venue: Alt Hotel

VIP Exclusive Experience
5:00pm October 1st, 2022
Venue: Canadian War Museum

Grand Tasting Hall
(main event)
7:00pm October 1st, 2022
Venue: Canadian War Museum

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