What is the Whiskey Ottawa Festival?

The Whiskey Ottawa Festival is scheduled for October 14, 2017, located downtown Ottawa at the Canadian War Museum. The Whiskey Ottawa Festival will showcase the world’s finest whiskeys to our guests from the National Capital Region, Ottawa Valley and beyond.

Festival programming is designed to engage, educate, and entertain an anticipated 1000 attendees with a focus on the best whiskeys available.  Programming will include activities such as Master Classes, Mixology demonstrations and more.

Why & Who should I get involved?

Whiskey Ottawa will be an immense marketing opportunity for distilleries & distributors from Canada and around the world to promote their brands and products to the National Capital Region and Ottawa Valley marketplace through this unique festival. Our program will reach out to both the whiskey aficionado and novice alike through several media platforms.

Whiskey Ottawa will create a exciting evening to showcase your brands. We will be located in the main ballrooms of the Canadian War Museum, located in the heart of Ottawa.  There will be opportunities to further expose your brands by presenting Master Classes as well as professional mixology demonstrations that will create renaissance and signature cocktails for our guests. 

Whiskey Ottawa is open to all producers and distributors of “whiskey class” grain spirits, including;

  • Canadian Whisky
  • Irish Whiskey
  • Scotch
  • Bourbon & American Whiskey
  • New Age Whisky producers from around the world
  • Cigars

‚ÄčWhat is the cost to be an exhibitor?

There is NO cost to your company for exhibit space from Whiskey Ottawa. The only costs you will see is simply the products you bring for sampling, as well as any staff you bring & shipping you may incur. Involvement in Master Class and any promotion you may wish to create in leading up to the evening would be your only additional costs.

Whiskey Ottawa will supply one 6ft skirted table tops for each vendor including 1 ice bucket, 1 water pitcher, 1 bus pan filled with ice, 1 cloth napkin, 1 spittoon and 1 rinse/spit bucket. Naturally, we will arrange the appropriate amount of display space to accommodate your needs based on the number of products presented.

I’m interested…now what?

Contract Philip Dangerfield, He will have all the details you will need to know to become a vendor in this year’s festival. We will send you a vendor’s agreement for you to review and sign. This document will provide you with important dates, logo and print information requirements, Master Class registration information and other information you may need.

We look forward to your participation in Whiskey Ottawa. The buzz is already starting and the city is getting ready to meet you this October 1, 2016!


Mr. Philip Dangerfield   

Executive Producer

Whiskey Ottawa


613.552.1947 cell

Whiskey Ottawa is an annual fundraiser Knowledgeable Consumption a Not-for-Profit organization.

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