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Thank you, we have SOLD OUT the first Women and Whisky Masterclass event, The next event will be in April and information will be posted soon. See you there!

                         Feb 9th 2019

Did you know that women have a long and important history with our most precious of liquids? They invented the Alembic Still, they ran bootlegging operations and they repealed Prohibition. Many of them also burnt at the stake for selling whisky during the Middle Ages. And yet, despite all of this, whisky is still – by conventional wisdom – considered a drink for men. Why is whisky considered a man’s drink?

There’s no logical reason for this, so let's shake things up!  

What is Women & Whisky? This February (on two Winterlude weekends), at the Kildare House, Women & Whisky will present a series of Masterclasses. These Masterclass are a unique tutored tasting experience that will provide you an insight into the world of whisky!

Women & Whisky is an evening of tutored tastings; you may come to one or two of these masterclasses.  You may drop in for one masterclasses on your way to dinner or after dinner.  Come by with some friends, what ever works for you. Remember your guy can drive you and he can pick you up, but he can't join you. Women & Whisky guests are women only!

Information on the Feb 9th event see below. More to follow on the Women and Whisly Masterclass Series, March event persented by Campari to follow shortly. 

   Dawn & Whisky Ottawa

February 9th 2019 -  the three masterclasses below will be persented at the Kildare House, 

$45 per masterclass. Enjoy some whiskey cocktails and some light snacks before and/or after your 1 hour Masterclass.  BUY YOUR TICKET CLICK HERE

Kate Hanrahan

Jameson Brand Ambassador

Tasting - Jameson Caskmates (beaus edition), Black Barrel, Redbreast 12 year old, Green Spot.

Sláinte! Come and join Kate for some fine Irish whiskies, including Jameson Caskmates, Beau’s edition – a partnership from right here in the Valley BUY YOUR TICKET CLICK HERE


Spencer Gooderham 

Canadian Whisky Ambassador

Tasting - J.P. Wiser's 15y | Lot 40 | Pike Creek | Gooderham & Worts 

Education and Awareness. Spencer spreads the good love of Canadian Whisky through whisky tastings, bartender training, events, tradeshows and more. He is a seventh generation, direct descendent of the Gooderham family who started Canada’s first whisky distillery back in 1832, and says he is blessed to have the opportunity to continue on the whisky legacy.   BUY YOUR TICKET CLICK HERE



Mike Brisebois

Whisky Ambassador

Tasting - Deanston Virgin Oak, Black Bottle Blended, Bunnahabhain 12 and Ledaig 10

Mike has been a malt specialist for just over ten years, but his passion for whisky began well before that. Mike is bilingual and lives in Ottawa with his family. His whisky journey began attending whisky festivals, joining the Caskers of Ottawa Whisky Club and judging the Canadian Whisky Awards.   BUY YOUR TICKET CLICK HERE





When and Where

Masterclass Series Alt Hotel, October 4th, 2019
VIP Exclusive Experience Canadian War Museum, Oct 5th 2019
Grand Tasting Hall
(main event) Canadian War Museum, Oct 5th 2019

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