About Collingwood

Chris Morris, the Master Distiller at Collingwood was instrumental in leading the team that created this Canadian Whisky masterpiece. What makes Collingwood different? A unique finishing practice – a post-blending maple mellowing process.

This unique process has created a whisky that is rich in sweet notes and is smooth on the palate.

Sugar Maple trees have a dynamic natural chemistry and aid in Collingwood's exemplary taste. A stave made out of hard maple wood that is toasted (not charred) will contain;

  1. Very little tannic acid. This reduces the amount of harshness. The wood will impart on any spirit that mellows with it.
  3. Calcium, potassium and other minerals that react with the natural acids found in a blended whisky. This reduces the astringent character of the whisky.
  5. Flavorful sap which provides the blend with a natural sweet flavor characteristic.

Mellowing a mature blend of Collingwood whisky with 100% hard maple wood allows the product to extract a degree of natural sweetness without adding the astringent and phenolic components found in oak. As the maple's chemistry reacts with the whisky it mellows the finish making it more palatable.

Collingwood has a non-complicated blending process using only two types of whisky, both produced at its home distillery. It is then maple mellowed prior to bottling. The result is a more flavorful complex

 Collingwood – 40% abv  toasted Maplewood mellowed Canadian whisky, aged a min. of 3 years in used Jack Daniel’s barrels.





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