White Owl

White Owl

After years of testing, investing and late nights we did it! The amazing and original white rye whisky, White Owl, is now available. It has no colour, so it’s clear like vodka, yet has all the flavour, body, and kick you demand in a premium whisky – confirming the old adage, ‘Less is More.’ How’d we do it? We started with a grain spirit, which was aged for years in charred oak barrels, and then we blended in a huge batch of ingenuity. When you taste it you’ll know why White Owl is clearly a whisky like no other!

Our fine Whiskies begin with small batch distillation and then carefully monitored aging in charred oak barrels. The individuality of each Whisky is born from fine distillation, careful barrel selection, and blending unique to each brand. A great deal of attention is given to the selection of grains – wheat lends to a gentle sweetness, rye a spiciness, while corn delivers a robust body. Canadian law states that our country’s Whisky shall be aged no less than 3 years. The barrels enlisted for this purpose add another element of complexity to our Whisky.



When and Where

Masterclass Series Alt Hotel, October 4th, 2019
VIP Exclusive Experience Canadian War Museum, Oct 5th 2019
Grand Tasting Hall
(main event) Canadian War Museum, Oct 5th 2019

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